Fighting For a miracle!

Our Narnia campus is facing closure at the end of the month.   We have fought hard, and will continue searching for a solution till the last moment, and the demolition begins.  We are still working for a miracle.


If anyone knows anyone interested in investing in this project, to Save a once in a lifetime property here in Phoenix, with a love story to match, please have them contact us today!

Narnia is A nature preserve,  wildlife habitat and rescue, homeschool resource center and so much more.  Narnia is about to face the bulldozers to be turned into 55 little houses.  

If we cannot save Narnia, we need to find a home for a ragdoll cat, a potbelly pig and 6 chickens by march 31st. The owls, hawks, hummingbirds, doves and quails will have to fend for their nests on their own.  
Unless anyone knows how to move them safely? 

Classes and Field Trips


New classes (for parents and kids) & field trips will be added   regularly.  County Fair, Festivals, Science Events, Farms, museums, Community events.  Classes and Co-ops in fascinating subjects...


               The  NARNIA CAMPUS

Ready 2 leaRN...    Ready 4 life


Partnering with Brite Future Academy, AHH offers a fully inclusive education and community center in the NW Valley. Call today to set up your tour! 



Our timeline has been shortened.  We need to save this property before the investment company begins demolition on this oasis in April.  Can you help?