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2017 has been full of wonderful friends, amazing support and intense heartbreak with the loss of the Narnia Campus.  I can never express my gratitude to all the families that worked so hard to try and save the magic that was Narnia.  In the meantime, Agave Pediatrics, out pediatricians office, has opened a community education room next to their practice on 35th Ave and Deer Valley, just around the corner from the Narnia Campus. We are currently holding summer classes there on T - W - Th  and Parent Support Meetings there and at Elevate Coffee in Norterra.  


OUR NEW CAMPUS has been found! .  A magical expanse of nature in the middle of the city, has been suitably dubbed,  The Narnia Campus.  We are moving in and setting up and getting ready for our Fall/ Winter schedule.  Our first event will be Pumpkin Carving and Decorating on Monday, October 31st! Followed by baking classes (Emoji Baking Class Thurs Nov 10th), State of the Week classes (Wed at 10:30), science classes, art classes, Lego classes, PNO's, Movie nights and so much more.  We will be updating Facebook first with events, then this page, then adding to our Meetup page again. 


* Our new home for AHH Resource center is a work in progress.    In addition, our trailer, loaded with supplies and resources for the center, was stolen last week.  We are working hard to find a new location and raise funds to replace the resources lost.  Thank you for your patience.  If you have any ideas for a location, please let us know. 

* A shell of our trailer was recovered by Phoenix police.  Contents are still missing.  

* Thank you to the Davis family, and the amazing teachers at Christ the King school!  They have donated amazing resources, books and supplies for our resource center, including a kids working tool bench with tools.  We have some excited builders.  


With over 500 families, and growing daily, AHH is an amazing support system for families that care and have an active interest in educating their children for an amazing life.  I am honored to be a part of your lives on this journey.  

AHH is about education and family.  All are welcome here. .  All religions, no religion, homeschool, unschool, online school, ESA, learning challenges, gifted, E2,  and even Public and Private school families looking for help and resources.  


Thank you all  for the support that has made this community possible!


Kristine Baranowski



 Closed. :-(   
We are actively working on a new project to open a new education center in the near future.  It may never compare to Narnia, but we will try!  

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